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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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yesterday. >> maybe 40s and patchy fog. we will wind up with 60s and 70s. we will have the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> traffic right now in the marin county commute looks at san rafael there. and right through the middle of san rafael and southern ma -- morin county. >> we will go back to the desk. a man is accused of shooting and robbing a woman. kraig debro is there this morning. and saw this all unfold. kraig? >> reporter: yes, we are at high and 35th. this ace hardware is here. and they tell us this started in the parking lot across the street in the lucky over there.
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that's where it all started. following the shooting, the suspect started to flee and crashed his car. the vehicle was on the off ramp to 580 westbound. one of our cameras was there as they approached the car. the suspect had already fled. back to the ace hardware, an employee took off his belt and fashioned a tourniquet to the woman's leg while the manager asked what happened. >> she said no, he snatched my purse and he told me to let go, he wouldn't shoot me. i let go. and he shot me twice. >> reporter: the woman has life threatening injuries and meanwhile, 580 had to be shut down while the oakland police searched the area and nearby houses and businesses for the suspect. they never did find the suspect. traffic was backed up and police are still looking for the suspect. we are still talking to people
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about what happened here. reporting live in oakland. channel 2 news. >> time now is 5:01. >> power is back on in one oakland neighborhood after an underground electrical fire. now the flames shot out of a manhole near momtel street. and piedmont avenue. witnesses say they heard a loud boom. pgand e is blaming under grounds equipment there. >> they restored all electricity after 11:00. this is the 10th anniversary of the start of the war in afghanistan. coming up at 5:15. we will have a live report from the washington d.c. newsroom with the skepticism being expressed by a you bay area lawmaker with withdrawing troops from afghanistan. a new report recommends that the u.s. military needs to do a better job of providing rabies vaccines for troops bitten by animals. the studies follow the death in
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august. from a soldier in livermore who is the first soldier to die from rabies. according to the study, 643 soldiers in iraq and afghanistan reported being bitten by animals from 2,001 to 2,010. of those, 117 were treated with the rabies vaccine. time now 5:03. the head of the federal program that gave the solar energy company a $500 million loan is stepping down. jonathan silller announced yesterday. he is leaving the energy department because the loan program is ended. silver's resignation came the same day the president defended the program. he said there will be companies that just don't work out. they are warning p g and e to test pipelines. after the the explosion, they agreed to use higher pressure
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water tests to check the safety of the pipeline network. however, they report that they tested over the summer using less rigorous methods. the mine blew up in san bruno and it changed the methods because of safety concerns. well, this morning the noble peace prize was awarded to three women for their work on women's rights. there are their pictures. lib beeria's first elected president. ellen johnson sirleaf, peace activity. boweeand carmen of yemen who is a figure in organizing protests against the president as part of the arab spring up rising. now, there were some rumors that the peace prize would go to facebook founder mark sucker berg and -- zuckerberg and he
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said for facebook or any other social media company to claim that would be extremely arrogant we are learning more about the final days of steve jobs. we know know he sought out pulitzer prize winner to write a book about his life. he was in pain. he couldn't climb steps any more. through the new book, the biography, he wants his children to know him and understand that innovative and time consuming work kept him from spending more time with them. the book is entitled steve jobs and now released october 24th. a month ahead of schedule. right now, it is the most ordered book on amazon. time is now 5:05. police are patrolling the campus of san francisco state after an 18-year old student claimed she was raped. this happened at the towers
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residential hall. now, claudine wong is there. >> reporter: the victim is not a student but came here for a party. this is spreading through the campus. and we talked to a student who said she is pretty nervous hearing about this. and this is the tower dorms right behind us right now. and this is where it all went down. police are telling us this morning that, here is what happened. the victim was here with a group of friends. and she was looking for a party. she was overheard talking about the party to her friends. now police believe the suspect described as being 18 to 22, 5'8", 180 pounds. with short hair and described as a mixed race, used the information to lure the victim into an elevator. the victim thought the suspect was pretty friendly and went inside the elevator while they were trying to track down the party. once inside the elevator, he took the victim to an unknown
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floor at which point both the suspect and victim left and went into an unknown room and that's where the assault occurred. >> after the assault, the victim was able to get away and report this all to police. again, there is a warning going out on campus. i did go inside the towers building, there are flyers posted telling them about ha happened. certainly, they want people to be on guard. they don't know if the suspect was a resident of the dorm. if he was a student or visiting campus. clearly at this point they are concerned and they want the students to know about it. we have been talking to students about it: claudine wong they may be one step closer to reality. they say the board has made muni free to those understand the age of 18. if the full board gives its
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approval, free passes would not be automatic. muni would have to decide to fund the program and the total cost would be $8.5 million a year. >> time now. 5:07. pam would like a light commute today. >> what do you want, dave? >> i want what pam wants. >> you are a smart man. >> good morning, we all want the same thing, don't we. we want a nice commute on friday. we may be able to get something like that. the weather will play a major role like it did yesterday. look at 80 westbound. it is mostly dry as you head out to the macarthur maze and it is looking good on 580 as well. you heard earlier, there was a closure yesterday for police activity. i am here to tell you all the lanes are open. way before the morning commute and everything is open. no slowdowns on 580 as you drive from high street all the way to the macarthur maze.
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and this looks very good. no problems getting on to the bridge itself. no wind problems on the span. south bay, northbound 280 looks good and northbound 85. at 5:09 we will go to steve. >> very happy friday morning. it is everybody except san francisco has a temperature in the 40s right now. it is cold out there. showers and thunderstorms. and you name it. great tweets and if you have weather information and even a couple of little windchills. it is a very chilly pattern and things will be calmer this morning. mostly sunny. and chilly morning. and patchy inland fog and now that we switched gores here. we will get 70s. low, mid. early next week looks like 80s come in. and these aren't a lot but for the day, they were. >> oakland airport, hayward.
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and 17/100ths. and all records for the date on rainfall and they are a record low maximum temperatures. and palm springs was 76. the low at ucla was 50. 50 degrees. record. that is cold down there. that is cold down there. 52 at lax, that is cold as well. >> for us, napa is 43. santa rosa. and everyone is cold including san jose. 47. the wind is not much of a factor. it is turning more westerly and northerly and keep it chill in the air. and little puff of an agrees. one more little system has to come right down here. not a big deal. it is going to keep things in check. high pressure is here. and for the weekend. still, a lot of energy coming across. and i mean a lot. we will warm up a little bit. and not greatly.
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early next week does look warmer. it is mostly sunny after a brisk start. 50s and 70s. and we will be rebounding 78 degrees compared to yesterday. looks nice with the weekend in view. and temperatures start to rebound. and we will get into the upper 70s. near 80. >> that sounds nice. >> it as test meant to save lives. is it a waste of time and money. what they are told the next time they visit the doctor developing news right now. look through the smoke here. a train has derailed. it is on fire. this is happening in illinois. you ever seeing it as it happens. we will bring you all the details coming up. good morning, if you are driving on the richmond san rafael bridge soon. you should find good conditions. this is where some of the troubled spots are developing on the morning commute.
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time now is 5:14. right now in illinois, people are being evacuated. look at this. a flaming derailed train in central illinois. this is north central illinois. these are live pictures. our helicopter is flying over this. the train is derailed. and transporting ethanol when the fire broke out. you have a fire, derailed trains and chemical and the fumes spewing into the air.
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this came within 700 feet of homes in the area. about 800 resident insist the town of tiskilwa. we haven't heard of injuries yet. this is 100 miles west of chicago. a train has derailed. a train carrying ethanol in north central illinois. we haven't heard of any injuries and this is breaking news. we will keep you posted with more details. today marks the 10th anniversary of the start of the war in afghanistan. alison burns is in the washington d.c. newsroom with the surprising comments about the war from a former u.s. commander. >> that's right. former u.s. afghanistan commander stanley mcchrystal stayed they had a frighteningly simplistic view when it invaded and that's why the war has lasted 10 years. this is a flag draped protests
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casket of a u.s. soldier killed in afghanistan arriving at dover air force base yesterday. president obama has called for 30,000 of the 1,000 troops there now to leave this summer. the goal to ends the war in late 2014. we talked to the antiwar members of congress this week who said she is skeptical whether there is really a time line for bringing troops out of the war zone. every time a date is put before us, moves farther away gop candidate mitt romney is criticizing president obama's handling of the war in afghanistan. i will have more on that during the next update in about an hour. for now we are live in weighing d.c., alison burns. ktvu news. 1,782 american men and women have been killed. more than 10,000 afghan civilians have died in the
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bombings. death toll for militants is estimated at more than 10,000. former libyan leader moammar gadhafi has released a message. he calls on libyans to take to the streets and wage a campaign of disobedience. this is the first message from gadhafi for more than two weeks. this is the mouth piece of his resistance. his whereabouts are unknown. time is 5:17. government task force sparked a controversy over mammograms in the past but they may do it again this time involving men. several reports that the u.s. preventive services task force will recommend next week that middle aged men skip routine scraping for prostate cancer. several studies question the prostate screening test. this same task force recommended that women should not begin routine mammograms
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until the age of 50 instead of 40. laguna hospital appears to be making a turn around in its new home. patients moved into new facilities in december of last year. since then, the national ranking has improved. according to the examiner, an evaluation by medicare and medicaid gave luge ghana honda three stars. that is up from two stars. they found two deficiencies. rather than 24 noted two years ago. we will go back to sal. hopefully no problems on the road this morning. >> we are doing well, pam. and showing you the toll plaza which is the bear, the work horse of the bay area, looks pretty good so far. right now traffic continues to move along very well into san francisco via the bridge and via all the other bridges across the bay.
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it looks pretty good. the the morning commute is good on the san mateo bridge. and later today. it is the blue angels over the city. starting at 12:30 this afternoon. unfortunately they stop on bridges wherever they are. that is against the law. you have to pull off to a legal parking spot to do that. you can't do that on the freeways. it is cool to have them flying over. you cannot stoppen the freeway and never in the lane unless it is an emergency. >> look at northbound 101 and 280 in san jose. and northbound to one also in good shape. 5:19. >> you can't stop on the bay bridge and watch them? >> no. >> good advice. >> lots of 40s except for san francisco and sfo. everybody is in the 40s. if you think it is cold here.
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truckee is 25. and tahoe at 28. >> very cool in the air. and now into nevada and utah, high pressure coming behind that. and not much of a breeze. it is turning more northerly. but not by much. little southeast at fair field. southeast at san jose and towards santa rosa and the airport. it is not very strong. we do have weak high pressure and one little system coming done. and taking the edge off today. we will still have mostly sunny skies. it will fall apart and washout. it will be a slow process over the weekend to warm up. early next week does look much warmer. we will see gradual temperature rise in. and we go into the weekend. overnight lows are really chilly. we have a long way to make up here. it is breezy at times and so 60s and 70s and everyone is still close here.
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it is not much of a difference. coast bay and inland. it will be starting one on the weekend. it looks nice. mostly sunny and cool down sunny. and warmer weather kicks in monday and tuesday. next rain will be next weekend. right now, european mornings are mixed -- european markets are weak. far east investors are encouraged that policymakers are taking steps to ease the crisis. hong kong and south core radioia gained -- south korea gained 3%. commodity investors are focusing moreen o the jobs report due out in less than 10 minutes now. the investors worry that another weak jobs report could go to a weaker demands for oil. checking in on our numbers. former fed chief alan greenspan was talking this morning. and worried about the debt
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concerning debt problems across europe. so that could effect the markets as well and s&p 500. all posted begins yesterday. and it is heading to the jobs report right now. >> time now is 522. >> church leaders of one san jose church said it is time to take extreme measures. got an idea with what they can do with the properties they for closed on. >> setback for local pumpkin growers. and the reason they are looking forward to this weekend. good morning, highway four. see traffic here is getting busier. not stop and go yet. we will tell you more about the traffic and have a look at the forecast.
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welcome back. the forecast, steve, is good for pumpkin growers. the rainy weather delayed the harvest. and the visit to area pumpkin patches. they are waiting for the ground to dry out before they resume the harvest a pastor has what he admits is an extreme solution to hoping the homeless. homes that have been abandoned after going through foreclosure should be opened up. he led 80 people on a march passed many of the empty homes.
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they could provide shelter and hope for hoe where else to go. >> can you find a way to put people in the houses. >> scripture said with god all things are possible. >> now the pastor said if the banks that now own the properties don't lend out a helping hand, they could take over the buildings on their own. artists around the world will be showing off their ceramic work this weekend. it is ceramics annual of america will be at festival hall. 7,000 people were there last year. particulars $10 or $20 for a three day pass. time now is 5:26. giant's star tim lincecum is going to be sued. and what he was doing in san francisco. searching for a man they say robbed and shot a woman. how some good samaritans helped the victim.
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>> we are live in sunnyvale where a manhunt has come to an end. we will address those issues, coming up. right now, traffic is looking good on interstate 680, but certain things are beginning to get crowded. we will tell you where they are. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
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second. >> i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. how does it look for the rest of the day, steve. >> we will have really cool lows in the 40s and patchy fog from santa rosa to the valley. very foggy there and once we get going, it will be hostbly sunny. 60s and 70s. here is sal. >> traffic in both directions looks good if you are on 880 in oakland. no major problems. and the commute looks good approaching the 80 split. at 5:30. we will go back to the desk. >> thanks. the manhunt in the bay may be over. but the families of the shooting rampage in cupertino, they are still grieving. we are in sunny -- sunnyvale right now and how the suspect managed to hide from the police
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for so long. tara? >> what was he doing for the hours. we are here in the neighborhood where they sealed off for much of wednesday. if you look behind me. that's the driveway where he was shot and killed. did he stay here on come back. we will never know. >> its scary to think he may have been right under their noses the whole time. this surveillance video shows him walking through a sunnyvale gas station tuesday morning. we are learning more about alman and how he was discovered. it was a dog. its bark tipped off the mother seen carrying her baby out of the house where three deputies shot and killed him yesterday morning. one neighbor told us his theory as to where he could have been hiding out. >> the house is built in '55 and has external access. there is a little one and then
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you can shoot under the house. >> deputies say he killed three coworkers and shot six others at the cement plant in cupertino and shot another woman as he tried to steal her car. >> they will never know the motive behind the shootings. a friends said he showed him a gun and joked about using it at work. >> now, they are going to be meeting and talking about the shooting and when they will return to work. we will be there and let you know what happens. live in sunnyvale. they tip to search for a man that robbed and shot a woman. that shut down a busy freeway. kraig debro is where it all started. >> reporter: good morning, pam. amazing story from the witnesses. couple of them work here at ace hardware. they are among several people
5:33 am
that may have saved this woman's life. they took someone's belt and made a tourniquet. they asked the woman what led up to the shooting. >> a lady said she damn near hit the people and heard two pops. >> she said i didn't did nothing. i didn't do nothing. i said it's okay. >> reporter: it started in the parking lot of a lucky's. and across the street from the lucky, the woman was chased across the street to the sidewalk in front of the ace hardware. after the victim was shot, she told her rescuers what happened. >> she said he asked me for my purse. no, he snatched my purse. i pulled back and when i did, he said to let go he wouldn't shoot me. she said i let go and he shot me twice. after that, the suspect fled off in a lexus trying to get on highway 580 and crashed his car on the on ramp. police were right there behind him and so were we with our
5:34 am
cameras. they looked to see and discovered if he was in the car. 580 shut down and police searched along that on ramp to see if they could find the suspect. they did not. we are checking with oakland police right now to find out the progress of the search. reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu news. statewide police raids on the motorcycle club led to arrests. they seized cocaine. this followed a deadly shooting last month outside a casino. the member from gill roy is arrested for that. other members say they are unfairly targeted and called their organization a social group. the authorities disagree and say they cite confiscated weapons. >> this is the tools of the trade for an international
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organization. which is really a gang and inflicting terror upon all the citizens. today is a remarkable out come from a long term investigation. >> there are as many as 50 state indictments that are expected as a result of the raids. >> search sundererway for a man who is connected to this shooting in santa rosa. his bed was found inside a car on todd road. the shooting happened shortly after 2:00 yesterday afternoon. now, investigators say the three men they are looking for is at the scene of the shooting. they were reported to be in a black cadillac. one man became the victim of two crimes in one day. they are still trying to figure out if the two cases are connected. police say he was robbed at gunpoint at city college. the suspects took the man's wallet, keys and computer. when he returned back home in the richmond district the same night, he discovered his house
5:36 am
was burglarized. >> possible campaign controversy for supporter of san francisco mayor. two employees of a sfo shuttle company are accusing the manager for reimbursing employees for donating to lee's campaign. it shows 16 employees each gave $500 to the lee campaign. no other san francisco business reportedly had so many of its employees make contributions. that manager denies any wrongdoing. san francisco giant's star tim lincecum is being sued by a former landlord. the lawsuit claims tim lincecum trashed the townhouse he was renting. lincecum is accused of staying past the expiration of his lease. lawsuit is seeking $350,000 damage. tim lincecum is making no comment. but his agent calls the lawsuit
5:37 am
frivolous. we learned that apple has no plans to holds a public memorial service for steve jobs. we know before his death, the company made sure his home was protected. apple security met with palo alto police earlier this week. advance notice gave officers time to plan how they would safeguard his peninsula home. it sits on a public street where anyone can walk or drive up to the front yard. they assigned extra patrols and 40 people turned out when news of his death came late wednesday afternoon. injury more is coming out when they consider his tough management style. we talked to our amber lee and says form are apple employees have told him jobs was a volatile micro manager. and fire them only to rehire them. >> apple had thousands of people. if he fired 10 a day or 20 a day or 20 a week, what ever it was. that was a small stat against
5:38 am
the company that employs thousands. >> ruled by fear? >> ruled by fear. >> they had warning systems when he was on the war path and they would disappear. >> jobs was highly respected and admired by colleagues. his strive for excellence extend to flows and base partners and vendors in the past decade. apple grew from one store to a global empire. we have much more coverage on the life of steve jobs including a time line of his achievements. go to the web at and click on the steve jobs tab. coming up for you at 4:45. who is behind the new crackdown and how one bay area shop owner plans to respond. it is friday. and it is not raining. so, the roads aren't wet. maybe they are crowded. we will check in with steve. with sal. >> you know, we are often confused for each other. we look so much alike.
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>> good morning, everyone. we will go outside and take a look at what we have now. traffic continues to move along well. san francisco 101. that traffic looks nice. and split with the 80s and no major problems and should help us out for the morning commute. the morning drive on 880 in oakland looks good in both directions as you drive by the coliseum. this morning's commute in san jose. that is a nice looking drive. not complaining if i am sitting here not doing a lot. we want it to be a good commute, don't we, steve. >> absolutely. >> thank you, sal. >> you're welcome. >> take a look at so many of the rainfall now that things have calmed down. san francisco and san jose. we are doing well. over an inch and three quarters. that is 2% of normal. san francisco had an inch and a third. that is 359% of average.
5:40 am
and even san jose should have 67. that is 203% of normal. yesterday, yes, we he had more record-setting rain and all the locations set rainfall records for the day. hayward. napa. and concord. it is not a lot but for the day it is a record. showers, thunderstorms, very chilly pattern. that moved off and not the cold air. we have 40s showing off here. and it is patchy and chilly. and afternoon highs with dry patterns and go into the he can wind. 43 now. napa and fairfield. and 40s for everyone. and also sto and everyone else in the 40s and 47, and the heat island it can be. little system clipping the oregon border. it will be mostly sunny today. little puff of a breeze. no direction yet. and lean more on a westerly, northwesterly and it will fall apart.
5:41 am
and keep us from warming up too fast. >> everything is billing in. it will deflect well to the north and also the weekend. and cold being fog. sunny. the breeze will pick up a little bit later and out of the west, northwest. and 70s on the temps and slow rebound. and we will continue the process into the weekend. and have warmer weather early next week. thank you, steve. >> 5:41 is the time right now. they are dealing with a lawsuit this morning. a bay area graduate is accusing the airline of discrimination. >> missing person's case turns into a homicide investigation. the bridge, see for yourself. it is not a bad drive heading out to the high rise. tell you more coming up. e
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it is cold out there and patchy fog and it will be mostly sunny and cool numbers. and it is in the 60s and 70s today. >> all right. steve. here is a quick look at some of the stories we are following for you right now. >> oakland police searching for a man that robbed and shot a womanle and then escaped. the part of interstate 580 was shut down for three hours and searched for the man when he crashed his car nearby. the victim is said to have life threatening injuries. >> people at this plant will be meeting this morning and talking about the deadly manhunt that happened there. it ended yesterday morning after they shot and killed the
5:45 am
gunman. today marks the 10th anniversary. it launched in october 7, 2001 in an effort to find osama bin laden. flying from new york to los angeles, a man tried to open the door. it happened on wednesday and the plane landed thanks to a quick reacting passenger. and they ran to the door. and pulled him by the arm and tried to get him behind me. >> was he grabbing for the handle of the door. >> yes. it was obvious he was trying to get out of the plane. a graduate student removed from a flight is now suing southwest airlines for discrimination. she is a u.s. citizen of pakistani descent. and shear wearing her scarf on the flight. she said she was talking on her
5:46 am
cellphone and said i have to to because it was about to depart. but a flight attendant thought she said it's a go. she was then taken off the plane. >> i have three daughters. and i don't want them to grow up accepting dehumanizing treatment. i hope that with this lawsuit, southwest will review their policies and will stop discriminating against people. thank you. she boarded the next flight to san jose. she is seeking unspecified damages. southwest has apologized for the incident. they are about to crackdown on medical marijuana clubs here in california. the u.s. attorney's office in sacramento will announce the crackdown. medical marijuana is legal here in california. however, the federal government does not recognize the medical marijuana law. one club owner we spoke to in
5:47 am
marin county is worried about what it means for her patients. >> i am very worried for them and i am trying to be the queen of green and hold my head up high and be brave for everyone. because i believe that we have the winning argument. >> now, shaw is planning legal action against the federal government. in the meantime, other medical marijuana advocates plan to protest shut down. the mother of three in san jose is now a homicide investigation. 28-year-old valerie casillassee body does not have a motive or where she was killed. they have been posting flyers since her disappearance on sunday. she was last seen getting into either a silver pontiac grand prix or a blue chevrolet tahoe suv.
5:48 am
>> it is this is the highest rate of homicides since 1997. >> the rival of apple is accusing them of stealing works. samsung filed lawsuits in france and italy. they hope to block the sale of the iphone 4 s. they are locked in a battle over patent right. samsung claims two patented technologies. apple so far has not yet responded to the lawsuit. >> all right. that was expected. we will see how the stock markets are effected today. what is effecting traffic today. >> so far, it is great, dave and pam. trying to order friday night conditions. and this is a look at 237237. we don't even really have a lot of troubled spots out there. it is great news and traffic is moving along nicely on
5:49 am
interstate 880. no problems there. traffic is moving okay at the bridge toll plaza there. and it is back up in the lanes. possible delays in the boulevard on sunny hills drive. it lane may be blocked and house, one alarm house fire. and that is houston that you should know about. >> 4:49. go to steve. >> yesterday, is strong though. and associated showers and thundershowers and wild day. skies get dark and heavy rain. and sun came out. and that is gone. not the cool air. very cool air up in the mountains. and as a matter of fact 20 up there. lots of 40s and patchy inland fog. north and south. so far. it will be warmer today. upper 60s and 70s. we have a long way to go. it is already 43. napa and fairfield. except for downtown san francisco. and sfo, and everywhere else, we are in the 40s. little system to the north.
5:50 am
will wash out and fall apart. expect the wind to pick up. later, should be more out of the west and northwest. it ejected off it into the four corners. we are on the drier side and much calmer side. with that calmer comes the chilly morning low. if you haven't stepped outside. there is a little chill in the morning air. it will build over for the next five to six days. gradual warming and more so this week and it will be nice on the weekend. we will have some warmer afternoon highs and also, low 70s and then it will continue to warm things up slowly into the weekend. with the weekend in view. it is chilly and warmer and it does look like we will get back into the 80s for highs. >> 5:50 is the time right now. the labor department announced employers created more jobs than expected last month. businesses hired 137,000 people. that was off set by local state
5:51 am
and federal agencies cutting jobs. the report is still better than what most economists forecast. the national unemployment rate remains as expected at 9.1%. ned ford, oregon airport may have advertising on its control tower. one company said it is willing to pay $3 million for a 10 year deal that would include the use of all four sides of the tower. the airport is asking the city to clang the advertising restrictions to make the deal possible. faa would have to approve the idea. and ikea is recalling 58,000 children's play 10ths. the -- play tents. it can break and allow the sticks to come through the fabric. one child was injured. the tent sold exclusively at ikea for $8. they should take the tents to the nearest store for a full refund. time now is 5:51.
5:52 am
two teenagers arrested for burglary. this may be the reason the police let them go free. >> plus a shocking moment at an east bay intersection. the truck driver never saw it coming. >> we want to remind you that our morning team now has a facebook page. you can find news updates and send us story ideas. >> search ktvu, morning news team. [ mom ] hey guys.
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yesterday's wild weather created a scary situation. he was stopped at an intersection when a bolt of lightning struck his car. >> we saw the lightning right in front and then i looked at my car and it completely shut off. >> the lightning completely fried the wires on the car, so it had to be towed away. the driver said he was not injured, not even feeling the shock of electricity. the lightning strike also jammed some lights at the nearby intersection. time is now 5:55, make sure your doors are locked after a string of burglaries. police say they probably started monday. investigators say a witness
5:56 am
reported people loading property into a green or flu station what -- blue station wagon here. make sure your doors and windows are locked before leaving home, maybe even install a burglar alarm if you don't have one. the burglaries will be talked about during a neighborhood safety meeting next week. time now is 5:56, two teenage burglars they end up getting away with breaking into a man's home. and now they got in, stole the computer disks from the home of this man. and the teenagers then turned over the cds to the police, they allegedly contained thousands of explicit photos and movies of children. he has now been charged with possessing child pornography. he's currently out on $25,000 bail. no charges have been filed against the two 19-year-old burglars. san francisco's fleet week is underway. the big draw of the week is the
5:57 am
blue angels. they are practicing again today at the air shows, tomorrow, and sunday. tens of thousands of people are expected to line san francisco's water front this weekend. the blue angels will perform at about 3:00 on saturday and sunday afternoon. and then on monday, visitors can tour some of the ships and eat some crab. >> time now is 5:57, let's run over to sal and see what's happening in our commute. >> here i am. good morning everybody, yeah, you know, traffic has been real nice this friday morning. and we're hoping that it will be staying this way. you know sometimes we have had friday lights, so far so good. 280, that looks good. a nice little rundown to the south bay from fremont and pleasantton and coming up -- pleasanton and coming up, we'll have more. let's go back to dave. well, emerging new details about the man blamed for the
5:58 am
workplace shooting rampage. why family members and friends said they knew something bad was going to happen. plus, reports of a rape on a bay area college campus, where police are now searching for a suspect. [ male announcer ] sizzler's steak fest! a tri-tip sirloin, and endless salad bar, all for just $10.99. sizzler. thinking fresh every day.
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